1. JuliaCon BoF discussion session: Building a Chemistry and Materials Science Ecosystem

    The second event I co-organised at this year's JuliaCon (see this article for the other) was a Birds of Feather (BoF) discussion session titled Building a Chemistry and Materials Science Ecosystem in Julia. In this session Rachel Kurchin and I wanted to gather the various stakeholders working on Julia codes …

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  2. JuliaCon DFTK workshop: A mathematical look at electronic structure theory

    From 13th July till 30th July this year's JuliaCon finally took place virtually. The first week (13th till 27th) hosted a number of three-hour live-streamed sessions of workshops, while the "regular" conference with a number of prerecorded talks started on 28th.

    After my introductory talk to electronic structure theory and …

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  3. Simulating chemistry: Enabling novel approaches for modelling the electronic structure of molecules

    Last week Wednesday I was invited to present my research in front of a bunch of young researchers from the Heidelberg Laureate Forum visiting our institute. Whilst I would have loved to attend the full week of the forum, I am happy that in this way I was able to …

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  4. Franco-German Workshop 2018: Open problems related to the algebraic-diagrammatic construction scheme

    In some of my recent projects, e.g. the PE-ADC paper, I got a little more into method development surrounding the algebraic-diagrammatic construction scheme (ADC). Even though quite a few people from the Dreuw group in Heidelberg are involved with ADC development and we have regular talks on ADC, I …

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  5. Oberwolfach workshop: Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry

    Last week I was invited to the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach) for a workshop about Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry. I am really grateful to the organisers Eric Cancès, Gero Friesecke, Trygve Helgaker and Lin Lin for asking me to join this meeting as it turned out …

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  6. Lazy matrices talk from the IWR school 2017

    As mentioned in a previous post on this matter last month, from 2nd to 6th October, the IWR hosted the school Mathematical Methods for Quantum Chemistry, which I co-organised together with my supervisors Andreas Dreuw and Guido Kanschat as well as the head of my graduate school Michael Winckler.

    From …

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