Teasers for some upcoming Julia activities

A quick teaser for some Julia-related activities around Paris, I am involved with in the next months.

  • 17 Oct 2019, 19:00, QuantStack (27 Rue du Chemin Vert 75011, Paris): The first Julia meet-up of Paris. We want to gather the people in and around Paris, who are interested in or working with Julia and stimulate exchanging experiences and ideas. I'll give a short talk about DFTK.jl and François Févotte will talk about AccurateArithmetic.jl. More details on https://julia-users-paris.github.io. Feel free to drop by if you are around!

  • 13 Dec 2019, 09:00, Sorbonne Université, LJLL and LCT labs of Jussieu Campus. Julia Day (Journée Julia): I'll do an introductory session to Julia in the morning and talk a little bit about useful and helpful Julia packages (linear algebra, non-linear solvers, etc.) in the afternoon. followed by an introduction to DFTK.jl. For more details on the day see the website.