RWTH Julia workshop 2022

Last Thursday and Friday (17/18 February) I taught an introductory course to the Julia programming language. The course took place in virtual format and to my great surprise around 90 people from all over the world ended up joining. Luckily I had a small support team consisting of Gaspard Kemlin and Lambert Theissen (thanks!) who took care of some of the organisational aspects in running the zoom session. Overall it was a lot of fun to spread the word about the Julia programming language with so many curious listeners with interested and supporting questions.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and thanks to everyone who gave constructive feedback at the end. I'm very much encouraged by the fact that all of you, unanimously, would recommend the workshop to your peers. In that sense: Please go spread the word as I'm already looking forward to the next occasion I'll have to teach about Julia!