Oberwolfach workshop: Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry

Last week I was invited to the Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach) for a workshop about Mathematical Methods in Quantum Chemistry. I am really grateful to the organisers Eric Cancès, Gero Friesecke, Trygve Helgaker and Lin Lin for asking me to join this meeting as it turned out to be a week of interesting talks, stimulating discussions and getting to know many interesting people.

Unlike the typically rather large and tightly scheduled quantum-chemistry conferences, which I went to in the past years, the Oberwolfach workshop was not extremely dense. Much rather there was a lot of free time, where one could talk to other participants and discuss each other's topic very well. Overall I learned a lot about current research regarding the mathematical aspects of quantum chemistry.

One should mention that Oberwolfach, being located in the middle of the Black Forest, has a very unique atmosphere with numerous black boards, comfortable chairs and a huge library scattered around the institute. Whilst it might seem a bit hard to believe in the beginning, this environment really has an inspiring effect, where one starts to sit with fellow researchers and discuss all kinds of interesting topics for many hours and sometimes till late at night. If I am ever offered to return to this place for another meeting or workshop, I would hesitate no second.

On the last day of the workshop, namely last Friday, I was asked to present my current research. For this I choose to give a rather broad overview over molsturm and our recent take on Coulomb-Sturmian-based quantum chemistry. The slides are attached below and an extended abstract about the talk will soon become available as part of the Oberwolfach reports.

Update: The preprint of the extended abstract is now available.

Slides molsturm: Modular electronic structure theory framework