DFTK: A Julian approach for simulating electrons in solids

Following my talk at Juliacon about our DFTK code last year (slides, recording, blog article), we have now published an extended abstract in the JuliaCon proceedings, which you can find below. The JuliaCon proceedings use the same open journals software stack to manage their publication infrastructure as the Journal of Open-source Software. This stack is actually pretty impressive since it reduces the effort both on the reviewer as well as on the author side to comments within github issues. Since thus the complete exchange (including the review process) is public, this is not only convenient, but also leads to truly transparent publication process. I wish publishing with all journals was like that ...

Michael F. Herbst, Antoine Levitt and Eric Canc├Ęs. DFTK: A Julian approach for simulating electrons in solids. JuliaCon Proceedings, 3, 69 (2021). DOI 10.21105/jcon.00069 [slides] [code]