Coulomb Sturmian basis functions in electronic structure theory

After my first Coulomb Sturmian-related talk at the LCT last November, I was approached by Julien Toulouse and asked whether I could give another talk providing a little more insight into Coulomb Sturmians and their potential.

A few weeks ago, on 29th March, it was thus about time for a second Coulomb Sturmian seminar at LCT. In my recent talk I focused more on stressing the differences between Coulomb Sturmians and Gaussian basis sets and motivated by our convergence results at HF level provide some hints, what could be expected from Coulomb Sturmians in the future. Naturally this last part turned out to be rather far-fetched and speculative and little if any bullet-proof evidence for the mentioned aspects can be given at the moment.

I really enjoyed giving this talk in the arising rather informal setting, where many stimulating questions came up in the discussion with plenty of opportunity for further research. As usual the slides are attached below.

Coulomb Sturmian basis functions in electronic structure theory (Slides seminar talk)