Coulomb Sturmians in electronic structure theory (Poster at 16th ICQC)

Last week from 18th till 23rd June I attended the 16th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (ICQC) in Menton, France. Apart from the absolutely stunning scenery at the French Riviera as well as the historic conference building, the conference was a great opportunity to meet up and discuss with people from the community. Often the discussions continued in one of the plenty of bars in the old town or right next to the beach. Even though the program was pretty packed, I fortunately still had the chance to walk around and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere in Menton as well as the sun and the sea.

During the conference I presented a poster titled Coulomb Sturmians in electronic structure theory, where I discussed my recent convergence results on Coulomb Sturmians, just recently published in my PhD thesis. The poster pdf is attached below.

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