Talk in Toulouse: adcc and DFTK

A few weeks ago on 21st and 22nd November of this year Pierre-Francois Loos invited me for two days to the Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques of the Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse. On Thursday the 21st I had the chance to present our current status in DFTK and adcc at the lab's seminar. My talk ended up being an updated version of my talk at the Domcke group in Munich, which I held just in the previous month. After the talk and on Friday I had plenty of time to discuss with Titou, Anthony Scemama and Michel Caffarel about adcc, DFTK and their respective projects. The discussions were interesting from my end and ended up being a rather fruitful exchange of ideas. During the two days I certainly learned a lot.

As usual my slides and examples are attached below:

Interdisciplinary software for electronic structure theory: adcc and DFTK (Slides seminar LCPQ)
DFTK and Julia examples (Tarball)
adcc examples (Notebook)