SIAM LA: Robust and efficient accelerated methods for density-functional theory

Just one day after my talk at the SIAM Materials Science conference (blog article) I gave another talk at a SIAM meeting, this time at SIAM Linear Algebra. I was very much looking forward to participate in SIAM LA, firstly because it was the first time I attended this conference, but also secondly because it was a good opportunity to talk about our recent algorithmic work on robust DFT methods to an international crowd of mathematicians.

I presented as part of the minisymposium Theory and Practice of Extrapolation and Acceleration Methods, which consisted of three interesting sessions of historic and recent talks about extrapolation and convergence acceleration in the broadest sense of the word. Both topics about iterative methods as well as summation theory and sequence summation were discussed, which turned out to be a very enjoyful mix. In that sense I am really grateful for the mini organisers, Agnieszka Miedlar and Yousef Saad, for the invitation and for allowing me to be part of the great sessions.

Beyond the mini I enjoyed a number of talks about emerging topics in numerical linear algebra such as mixed-precision computation, low-rank tensor approximations or randomised methods. Even though the time zone difference meant that the conference was mostly running during the afternoon and late evening for me and even though the collision with SIAM Materials Science made it quite a busy week, I took a lot from SIAM LA and I'm already looking forward to next time.

Robust and Efficient Accelerated Methods for Kohn-Sham Density-Functional Theory