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I am a postdoctoral fellow at the research lab for Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACoM) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. I work on the density-functional toolkit (DFTK), a Julia code for density-functional theory, and on ADC connect (adcc), a framework for ADC-based computational spectroscopy.

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Research interests

My research revolves around the quantum-chemical modelling of atoms, molecules and solids. In particular I am interested in developing efficient and reliable algorithms for the regime of high-throughput screening calculations in the solid state.

For this purpose I collaborate with application scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists alike and enjoy taking a mediating role between these communities. I develop multi-disciplinary codes such as DFTK, which can be used to prototype algorithms on mathematically well-understood toy problems, but are also performant enough to target computations on the practical scale. In this regime my language of choice is Julia. Read more ...

Teaching activities

Since the beginning of my PhD I have been involved with tutoring and throughout the years I offered multiple short courses about scripting and programming (e.g. Julia, bash, awk). Furthermore I regularly participate in organising summer schools for final year pupils (i.e. Deutsche Sch├╝lerakademie), in which we e.g. offered a course about basic quantum chemistry. Teaching overview ...