Tor and Tor Browser update scripts

A while ago I setup a github account in order to contribute a BugFix to the dealii Finite Element software I am using for my PhD project. Since then not very much had happened to the account until I decided to add the repository update-scripts in which I plan to maintain the scripts I use to update some 3rd party software on my LinuX machines.

Currently not very many applications are supported. Pretty much only Tor and the Tor Browser, both applications from Since both are updated fairly often, the packages of my distribution (Debian) are not recent enough. Especially the Tor Browser is installed on pretty much all my machines: It is really easy to use and perfect if one just needs to do some quick checks on the internet. So I decided to develop scripts that automatically download, cryptographically check and install the current Tor Browser to the user's HOME directory. If you are interested to use or contribute to this project, feel free to download it below or visit the project page on github.

update-scripts repository