[c¼h] Einführung in die Elektronenstrukturtheorie

The week before my bash scripting course I gave another short talk for the weekly meeting of the Heidelberg Chaostreff NoName e.V. Unlike last time the talk was not concerned with a traditional "Hacker" topic, but much rather I tried to give a brief introduction into my own research field.

Of cause 15 to 20 minutes are not enough to go deep into finite-element Hartree-Fock, so I ended up giving a small introduction into electronic structure theory instead. Questions which were addressed:

  • Why is electronic structure theory useful? What kind of information can I retrieve using it?
  • What are the fundamental physical and chemical concepts that lead to electronic structure theory?
  • What kind of approximations and physical ideas do we need to do in order to get to a method which is used in practice, e.g. the so-called Hartree-Fock method?

The talk was held in German and a recording is available on youtube. Please be aware, however, that not everything I mention is, scientifically speaking, correct.