Joining EPF Lausanne as tenure track assistant professor

Similar to most people in their second PostDoc a considerable chunk of time in the past year has been devoted to job hunting, i.e. writing applications, preparing and attending interviews for junior research group positions. As the year is closing I am finally able to make a positive announcement in this regard: The Swiss ETH board has appointed me as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics and of Materials Science and Engineering at EPF Lausanne, a position I am more than happy to take up. From March 2023 I will thus join this school and as part of this interdisciplinary appointment establish a research group located in both the mathematics and materials science institutes.

I am very grateful to the search committee as well as the ETH board and the university for this opportunity to start my own group and to be able to continue my research agenda combining ideas from mathematics and computer science to make materials simulations more robust and efficient. I look forward to becoming a part of the EPFL research environment and being able to contribute to the training of next generation researchers.

Along the lines of this appointment I now also have a few vacancies at PhD and PostDoc level to fill. Further information will be posted here as well as standard channels of the community early next year.