Infomath seminar: A one-hour introduction to Julia

Just one day after my talk at the Lüchow group in Aachen, on 6th May I was asked to give a short introduction to Julia at the Infomath seminar series at Sorbonne Université. While virtual seminars certainly don't share the same spirit as in-person ones do, the ability to quickly hop between seminar series organised all across the world has advantages, too.

In my one-hour talk I gave a short introduction into Julia, focusing on the perspective of applied mathematicians. I gave a short speed comparsion of Julia, python and C on a simple example and presented some of its strengths in different application scenarios (numerical linear algebra, numerical methods for solving PDEs, data science and statistical learning). For future reference I have put the Jupyter notebooks I used during the lecture on github.

An introductory hour to the Julia programming language (Github repository)