36c3: Getting to know Julia session

At this year's 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, I signed up to give a short introductory workshop for Julia. To my surprise the room was completely packed yesterday, even though the meeting was scheduled for 11am on day 4 ... Everyone at the session was extremely engaged and packaged with plenty of supporting and challenging questions about Julia. Luckily a bunch of masters from the Julia community were in the audience to help out with providing the in-depth details where I failed (tip of the hat to Keno Fischer and Valentin Churavy). Thanks for everyone in the room! I really enjoyed my time and as usual with these things I learned a lot.

As I mentioned during the session, the Jupyter notebooks I used are all available on github. They were originally made for a one-day introductory Julia course, which I presented in Paris a few weeks ago (details here). The material, however, should be self-explanatory and accessible to people completely new to Julia, but which already have some familiarity with programming of some kind. Main point is to get an idea of what Julia is like, seed a little curiosity about the language and provide links to plenty of further info (see also these links). Feel free to spread the word about the repo if you like the material.

With that said, I am happy to receive any feedback you might have about the session, the notebooks and the other material. I plan to keep doing such courses in the future and I'm always looking for ways how to improve ;).