MRMCD18: Pitfalls for performance: Latencies to keep in mind

This weekend I attended the MRMCD18 in Darmstadt, which is one of the many chaos events where a few hundred people interested in computer science, hacking, making, politics and society gather for a weekend of talks, coding and discussion. Having participated in this event regularly in the past few years, I was very happy that this year I was given the chance to present a lecture.

I chose to talk about lazy matrices and contraction-based algorithms. Even though this topic is discussed briefly in my PhD thesis, I typically keep it rather short in my typical talks. Similarly the molsturm design paper was only brief with respect to this subject. In this talk I therefore took the chance to expand on contraction-based methods a bit further, tackling the matter by taking a look at latency numbers in modern hardware and from there drawing conclusions with respect to numerical linear algebra.

Thanks to the great C3VOC team the talk was recorded live and can be watched on or downloaded below, along with my slides.

Note: Unfortunately the batteries of the microphone gave up in the middle of my talk, around 25:20. However, if you seek the video forward to minute 26:17, I switch to a handheld and audio is back.

Recording Pitfalls for performance:
Latencies to keep in mind
Slides Pitfalls for performance