About Me

As you can see from the research and projects page my interests are not only in the physical modelling of electrons in molecules, but also in topics related to software development techniques. In my opinion a scientific program should not only produce the right result once at the very time of the publication. Instead it should be written in a way such that these results can ideally be reproduced by anyone at any time by the means of e.g. running a simple script. Furthermore modification and extension of the code should be easy to allow rapid prototyping. As a result aspects like flexiblity, continuous integration tests and well-commented code with a well-defined coding style are equally important to a scientific program than the algorithms themselves from my point of view.

Besides my research I enjoy reading and/or talking about cryptography and privacy, taking part in organising cryptoparties and discussion sessions.

For more information see my curriculum vitae or the research and projects page.