A short return to Cambridge

About two weeks ago, on Friday the 13th of March, I was invited back to the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge. As part of their Theoretical Chemistry Informal Seminar talk series I was asked to give a short talk (Abstract) about my current research. Needless to say that I am very grateful that Lucy Colwell and the other organisers provided me with this great opportunity to share some of the insights we got in the past year. Over afternoon tea I also had the chance to catch up with some familiar faces from the theory section and meet some new researchers as well. With great pleasure I realised that very little has changed in Cambridge when it comes to the open and welcoming atmosphere that I enjoyed so much during my undergrad days.

The first part of my presentation is very similar to the one I prepared for our group seminar in Kleinwalsertal. In the section titled "Building the matrices" I describe our approach to build the relevant stiffness and mass matrices and what difficulties arise. At this point we cannot really provide acceptable solutions to these problems, however.

Invited Talk Cambridge 13.03.2015